Avoid these 10 foods that are making you look older


“I love this facewash and toothpaste, the mint and rosemary always wake me up”


Regular alcohol drinking dehydrates skin, making it dull and less plump. Alcohol can also inflame the liver and prematurely age the skin.

Processed Meats

Sausage, bacon, and ham are heavy in sodium, fat, and preservatives. Inflammation, water retention, and bloating can age and fatigue you.

Deep-Fried Foods

Deep-fried foods are unhealthy for your skin and waistline. Free radicals from frying food can damage cells and cause premature aging.

White Bread

Refined carbs like white bread raise blood sugar, causing inflammation and collagen degradation. For youthful skin, choose whole grains.

Salty Snacks

Chips and pretzels induce water retention and puffiness, making you look older. High salt levels can cause dehydration, which ages your skin.


Coffee dehydrates skin, making it look drab and old. Limit your intake and hydrate thereafter.


Like other sugary foods, soda causes inflammation and glycation. Many drinks' caramel hue contains AGEs, which accelerate aging.

Trans Fats

Processed foods contain trans fats, which damage collagen and promote premature aging. Check food labels and avoid trans fats.

Charred Meat

Charred steaks taste nice, but the black char contains pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons that destroy collagen and hasten aging.

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