The Viral Toaster Hack That Makes Breakfast Sandwiches Cheesy


Have you ever considered whether you’ve been using your toaster incorrectly? We’re not talking about forgetting to switch between the “bagel” and “toast” settings or making your toast overly dark. We’re talking about not employing it to its greatest potential.

That’s because toasting ordinary bread goods is only the beginning of what most of us do with our toasters. There are various ways to cook grilled cheese in a toaster, and one method that’s making the rounds on social media may be better (and safer) than prior ones.

The grilled cheese hack you’ve been looking for is simple. Remove the crusts from two pieces of soft white bread. Spread butter or mayonnaise on both slices of bread, top with a slice of cheese, and sandwich the two slices together to produce a crustless cheese sandwich.

Now, crimp the bread’s edges together with a fork and toast it in the toaster. You’ll have a golden-brown, crisp surface and a gooey, cheesy center in only a few minutes. But that’s not all, because these cheese toasties can also replace the plain old bread in your breakfast sandwiches.

Cheesy Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast is typically regarded as the most essential meal of the day, and nothing beats starting your day with a tasty and filling breakfast sandwich.

The cheesy breakfast sandwich is a popular version. This flavorful sandwich mixes the goodness of eggs, melted cheese, and numerous delectable toppings between two slices of bread.

They use the cheese-filled toast sandwiches as the bread for a sandwich, then top it with sausage, cheesy eggs, and even more cheese.

The cheesy toast may be used as the bread for patty melts and burgers, or you could make the cheesy toast with mozzarella cheese and then use it as the bread for a sandwich packed with your favorite pizza toppings, such as pepperoni, olives, and marinara.

There are also doubts regarding whether this approach is safe for the toaster, especially because previous grilled cheese toaster hacks have resulted in device fires. However, this form isn’t all that different from a Pop-Tart or Toaster Streudel.

To ensure that no cheese escapes into the toaster, resulting in a smokey mess or potential fire hazard, the bread should be tightly crimped around the edges.

Wetting the inside crust of the bread with water or an egg wash may help it cling, or you can always use a toaster bag, which will protect any cheese from seeping onto the toaster’s heating element. After that, the only limit to your cheesy toast creations is your imagination.

Bottom Line

Finally, the viral toaster hack has changed the way we eat breakfast sandwiches. Adding a cheesy twist, these sandwiches have become even more enticing and tasty.

Whether you stick to a tried-and-true recipe or experiment with gourmet versions, cheesy breakfast sandwiches will satisfy your appetites and boost your daily routine. Enjoy the cheesy goodness and get your day started on a cheesy note!

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