Burger King’s Two New Varieties of Chicken Fries Divide Boston in Half


Burger King’s chicken fries are among the most well-known products on the menu, and it appears that the brand is experimenting with different ways to prepare and serve them.

On July 24, Burger King will introduce two new flavors of chicken fries in the Boston, Massachusetts, region. Chicken & waffle fries and chicken parm fries will be the names of these new chicken fries. These savory and sweet alternatives will only be available for a limited time, but they promise to bring some interesting new tastes into an old consumer favorite.

According to a Burger King press release issued to Mashed, both dishes will begin with the typical white meat chicken fries. In contrast, the chicken and waffle fries will be coated in a sweet waffle batter before being breaded and served with a cup of sticky syrup for dipping.

The chicken parm fries, on the other hand, will be served with a cup of spicy marinara sauce and will be topped with parmesan cheese, garlic, and Italian seasonings.

The chicken and waffle fries sound like a delectable treat that would go great with breakfast, while the chicken parm fries are guaranteed to go well with the restaurant’s mozzarella sticks.

Customers will not want to pass up the chance to try these products because they are only available for a limited period. Unfortunately, they will have to visit a lot of other websites to obtain both of them.

Where can I get Burger King’s new chicken fries?

Burger King is only making its new chicken fries accessible at a limited number of locations in the Boston area because the business is currently testing them.

Because the chicken & waffle fries and chicken parm fries will not be available in the same areas, the burger giant has listed the locations where customers may get each particular item.

The chicken parm fries will be delivered to eateries in the westernmost portion of the territory, while the chicken and waffle fries will only be provided in enterprises in the easternmost section of the region. The company’s most recent trial appears to have successfully divided Boston in two.

Burger King has announced that its new alternatives will be available for purchase “while supplies last.” However, if the new chicken fries are a success in the Boston area, we have to question if the quick-service restaurant company would eventually expand their availability to other places.

Given the success of Burger King’s original and spicy chicken fries, it is logical to expect them to be successful. Customers will, of course, have to wait for some feedback before making an informed decision.

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