Worst to Best Oreo Flavors

Dark chocolate flavored creme

Dark chocolate-flavored crème Oreos appear stunning when you open the jar. This variation of Oreos has one color instead of the zebra stripe look of the original.

Chocolate flavored creme

The mix of two different tastes makes Oreo cookies appealing. Chocolate creme Oreos are chocolate sandwich cookies with chocolate centers. The cookie and filling taste alike.


Golden Oreos are identical to the original, except instead of chocolate cookies encircling the crème, they feature vanilla cookies.

Toffee crunch flavor creme

Toffee is crunchy, yet tasty. Toffee-flavored crème Oreos smell first. Unlike toffee, they smell like syrup.

Double Stuf gluten-free

If you're gluten-free, finding tasty, safe snacks might be difficult. Oreo is one of the businesses that makes gluten-free versions of its most famous treats.

Peanut butter creme

Before Lindsay Lohan dipped Oreos in peanut butter, peanut butter and chocolate were a famous pairing. This Oreo's chocolate cookie features peanut butter-flavored crème.


Oreo claims to be "Milk's Favorite Cookie," which we definitely agree with. The best part of these sandwich cookies is dipping them in milk. 

Fudge covered, mint flavored creme

Fudge makes mint-flavored crème Oreos great. You'll enjoy this sandwich cookie with mint filling and melty chocolate coating.

Fudge covered

The classic Oreo becomes even better when dipped in melty, luscious, fudgy bliss. The fudge's cookie retains its crunchy texture, but its new shell keeps it together.

Chocolate peanut butter pie

Choco-peanut butter pie Peanut butter, chocolate, and graham cracker make up Oreos. These delicacies include graham cracker crusts and peanut butter-chocolate pie fillings.

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