World's Most Expensive Ice Cream Record Now Broken

You've surely heard about Starbucks' most costly beverage, the gold-covered grilled cheese, and the spice worth more than gold. Until recently, the world's most costly ice cream has received little attention.

On May 18, Guinness World Records tweeted about the dessert. Gelato is made with gold leaf, Italian Phantom White Truffle, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and Japanese sake lees sauce. Its $6,696 per serving price is comparable.

According to the Japanese company, the gelato has a cheese, sake lees, and truffle foundation and is topped with extra cheese, truffle, and gold leaf.

Each dish comes with a spoon filled with truffle oil and collectible packaging. Cellato's Byakuya gelato isn't the first with a gold leaf topping or to break the four-figure mark.

Before Cellato, Serendipity3's dessert had the world record for most expensive ice cream.

A $1,000 sundae at the restaurant features Tahitian vanilla ice cream, gold leaf, caviar, and a sugar orchid. Serendipity3's Golden Opulence, like Cellato's Byakuya gelato, must be pre-ordered.

Serendipity3's lone Guinness World Record is for this dish. Among the restaurant's record-breaking delicacies are a gold-filled grilled cheese and a $25,000 frozen hot chocolate dessert.

Gold leaf, 28 different kinds of chocolate, and a diamond-and-gold plate and spoon are all included.

This frozen treat is more expensive than Cellato's previous creation, but it may set a dessert world record. Most Americans cannot afford it.