What Is the Difference Between Cilantro and Parsley?

Parsley and cilantro are more than just garnishes. These ingredients provide flavor to a dish.

You may be wondering if these two fresh herbs are the same and if switching them is risky. Although parsley and cilantro look similar, they taste and smell very differently.

Before you eat them, smell them. Parsley has a green and flowery aroma. Cilantro has a stronger citrus and black pepper flavor.

Cilantro is spicy and lemony, but parsley has a harsh but delightful vegetal flavor. 10% of people are sensitive to the soapy taste of cilantro, which overpowers its mild aromas.

When to use parsley or cilantro in cooking?

Many meals benefit from the addition of parsley and cilantro. Parsley is used in pesto, Greek potato bakes, and bulgur wheat tabbouleh

It goes well with soups, pasta, and meat. Cilantro is used in salsa, guacamole, tacos, Thai curries, chutneys, and pho. Because of its strong flavor and aroma, it is used in many regional recipes.

In a pinch, use cilantro for parsley; however, you may need to add salt or lemon juice to restore flavor. Use cilantro sparingly because its strong flavors may clash with the rest of the dish.

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