Wendy's Just Announced A New Pumpkin Spice Frosty

You undoubtedly mark your calendar for Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latté if you wait all year for fall to enjoy pumpkin spice treats.

Not to mention that Dunkin' Donuts has its own PSL and that many other brands have experimented with the pumpkin-loving craze with varying degrees of success.

Wendy's is getting in on the party, but not with another latté. Wendy's will temporarily replace a Pumpkin Spice Frosty for the Vanilla Frosty.

"Wendy's is helping to turn our customers' cravings into reality this fall by introducing our new Pumpkin Spice Frosty," Wendy's U.S. Chief Marketing Officer said in a news release.

"Our summer Strawberry Frosty, last year's Christmas Peppermint Frosty, and now our fall Pumpkin Spice Frosty meet Frosty fans right where they are by incorporating familiar, iconic seasonal flavors."

Customers at Wendy's may agree when they realize that this new Frosty has pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

People have been patient. @Wendys bestie "One Twitter user reacted to the fast food chain's latest menu item announcement. They included a graph illustrating public interest in this topic.

If you agree, Wendy's will provide you with a free Pumpkin Spice Frosty in exchange for your Uber One subscription. Purchase a medium Pumpkin Spice Frosty and receive a free medium fries.

Another limited-time promotion kicks out on September 13, so there's still time to join Uber One.

You may have to pay full price for a frosty or two if you don't have a membership, but they'll be worth it.

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