Top 10 Junk Foods We Can't Stop Eating

A cheap meal may cause intestinal troubles, but it's worth it. Chalupas are irresistible. One person noted that the dollar menu offers two burritos for the price of a green smoothie

1. Taco Bell

Next, the 7-Eleven Roller Hot Dogs—the ultimate mystery meat rotating on that roller machine till morning. Despite that, it's excellent. One person said they taste good enough to keep them going back after quitting 7-Eleven.

2. 7-Eleven Hot Dogs

Grape soda beats pricey grape juice. It tastes purple, whatever that means, but not like grapes. Fun comes from artificial sugar.

3. Grape Soda

Instant ramen was suggested to spice things up. "Cheesy-chicken" or "ramenmac," this miraculous combination of two budget-friendly staples is unexpectedly good.

4. Kraft Mac and Cheese

Little Caesar's Pizza is one-third cheaper and tasty, but it's not as good as the big boys. Another person mentioned their garlic-and-parmesan bread.

5. Little Caesar's Pizza

I know this one's hated, but hear me out. It may have a poor reputation, but it's ideal for burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. It dissolves in your mouth.

6. American Cheese

And don't forget the ultimate party classic, Velveeta cheese dip, which can be served hot or cold. Surprisingly, it's not even real cheese!

7. Velveeta Cheese Dip

Del Taco's chili cheese fries are extremely luxurious. Gods eat them. Someone remarked they look like puke but taste like bliss.

8. Del Taco Chili Fries

Corned beef? "Ew, canned meat?" Over-easy eggs and extra-crispy corned beef are tasty. Ketchup made one guy's fingers expand. Despite its awfulness, salty, crunchy, greasy tastes great.

9. Corned Beef

Poutine is a Canadian staple made with whatever's in the fridge. If it tastes delicious, why worries about appearance? We love everything with cheese and fries.

10. Poutine

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