The Most Hated Fast-Food Chain In America

The "Home of the Whopper" has over 18,000 outlets in 100 countries. Burger King is not a consumer favorite. Burger King routinely ranks low on fast-food chains, indicating a shrinking fan base.

12. Burger King

Fewer consumers are shouting "Pizza, pizza" at Little Caesars. The prominent pizza chain's customer satisfaction declined one point from 76 to 75 in one year.  

11. Little Caesars

Panda Express, a fast-casual Asian restaurant company, is a popular alternative for quick and tasty meals. The chain's customer satisfaction score dropped from 76 to 75 in the last year.

10. Panda Express

Subway's customer satisfaction level has stayed at 75, so it's not as "fresh" as the sandwich business would like. Subway's cuisine and service aren't impressing customers."

9. Subway

Dairy Queen's ice cream has long been a favorite, but its service is starting to chill people. Customers complain about meal quality and service quickness, keeping the chain's score at 74.

8. Dairy Queen

Data shows that Dunkin', the famous coffee and doughnut brand, is not operating at full capacity. The chain's customer satisfaction score dropped 4% to 74.

7. Dunkin’

Sonic's score has climbed from 73 to 74, yet the famous fast-food company still ranks low in customer preferences.

6. Sonic

Wendy's score remains at 73, with consumers complaining about meal quality and service quickness.

5. Wendy’s

In one year, Jack in the Box, famed for its burgers and wacky ads, dropped from 73 to 72 in customer satisfaction.

4. Jack in the Box

Taco Bell's customer satisfaction score has dropped from 74 to 72, suggesting that its famous CrunchWrap Supremes aren't selling as well.

3. Taco Bell

The Louisiana-style fast-food company, known for its crispy fried chicken, may have customer satisfaction issues. Popeyes' score slipped from 78 to 75 as consumers complained about pricey meals and slow service.

2. Popeyes

McDonald's, with over 38,000 locations, requires no introduction. The fast-food business is the most popular, yet customers are least satisfied with it.

1. McDonald’s