The 9 Best Frozen Pot Pie Brands

Banquet's vast freezer meal selection offers convenience, affordability, and instant hunger relief. We tried the beef pot pie since we were curious. We had great hopes, but the initial look was disappointing.

9. Banquet

Swanson's turkey pot pie's beautiful, flaky crust promises a delicious meal right out of the oven. The crust sings to you to bite into it and learn its secrets. We eagerly cracked the crust, revealing a bounty of tastes.

8. Swanson

Blake's organic frozen pot pies are popular with health-conscious shoppers at Whole Foods and other grocery chains. We happily ate their chicken pot pie, anticipating for a gourmet adventure.

7. Blake's

We tried Amy's frozen pot pies using broccoli instead of chicken or veggie for culinary exploration. A taste test promised excitement and apprehension as we sought a new favorite. The voyage started poorly.

6. Amy's

Mrs. Budd's frozen pleasure, a three-pound chicken pot pie, will leave you full and ready for a food coma. Go big or go home, right?

5. Mrs. Budd's

Boston Market makes frozen chicken pot pies? We didn't and were delighted. This brand-name pot pie has a unique taste. The gems within set it distinct from the flaky, delicate exterior.

4. Boston Market

This pie's crust complements the other ingredients without dominating them. Gravy is neither clear nor thick. It adds savory taste. It doesn't amaze, but it's a pot pie wonderful. Marie Callender's chicken has juicy white-meat pieces.

3. Marie Callender's

Willow Tree's crust is flaky but not flavorful. Its velvety inside contrasts with its crunchy exterior. The gravy is thin, but it's flavorful. However, the 900 milligrams of salt make this pot pie the unhealthiest.S hredded chicken takes the show. 

2. Willow Tree

Centerville Pie Co.'s frozen pot pies outperform the competitors in taste and appearance.This pie stands out for its delicious crust. Its somewhat doughy texture and perfect flakiness leave you wanting more.

1. Centerville Pie Co.