The 5 Items You Should Never Buy At A Grocery Store

It's tempting to peruse the cosmetics section for what's missing from your morning routine, but make your final decisions elsewhere.

Beauty Products

Kroger's shampoo is $20 more expensive than Sam's Club's.

What goes well with your bakery-bought birthday cake? A humorous birthday card.

Greeting Cards

Sometimes you don't think of the month's major events until you pass the greeting card department at the grocery store.

The grocery store may offer the cheapest food for you, but it does not have the cheapest food for your pets. Prices are expensive due of the restricted selection.

Pet Food

Auto-shipments from Amazon and warehouse merchants like Sam's Club and Costco offer bulk pet food at reasonable pricing.

It's reasonable to anticipate that you'll need cooking supplies while planning your meal. Preparation can help you save money.

Cooking Tools

According to a food industry professional, a "rack jobber" rents space in a supermarket to sell non-food items such as cooking equipment. Distributors charge a higher fee.

The story claims that food stores mark up lightbulbs and batteries by 60%. Buy in bulk online to save money and brighten up your house.