The 10 Best Supplements To Boost Your Immune System

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D decreases inflammation and increases monocytes and macrophages' pathogen-fighting abilities, which boosts immune response.

2. Zinc 

Zinc is a mineral that is regularly included to supplements and other healthcare goods such as lozenges designed to improve your immune system. This is due to zinc's importance in immune system activity.

3. Vitamin C 

It is required for cellular death, which aids in the health of your immune system by clearing away old cells and replacing them with new ones.

4. Elderberry 

Elderberry extract has antibacterial and antiviral activity against bacterial pathogens that cause upper respiratory tract infections as well as influenza virus strains.

5. Medicinal mushrooms 

Medicinal mushrooms have been used to prevent and treat infection and sickness since ancient times.

6. Astragalus

Astragalus is a popular plant in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Its extract may dramatically increase immune-related responses.

7. Selenium

Selenium is a mineral that is necessary for immunological function. Animal studies show that selenium supplementation can boost antiviral defenses against influenza viruses like H1N1.

8. Garlic

It has been demonstrated that it improves immunological health by boosting protective white blood cells such as NK cells and macrophages.

9. Andrographis

This herb includes andrographolide, a terpenoid molecule with antiviral properties against respiratory viruses such as enterovirus D68 and influenza A.

10. Licorice

Many components in licorice, particularly glycyrrhizin, may help protect against viral infections. Glycyrrhizin has antiviral efficacy against coronavirus associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome.

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