Super Cute Short Pixie Cuts for A New Look

1. Short Choppy Pixie Haircut

A platinum pixie's adorableness never goes unnoticed. Keep it feminine by allowing some shorter back pieces to hang longer in the front.

2. Lavender Pixie

With a pixie cut, your spectacles or sunglasses will be front and center.

3. Cool Extra-Short Gray Pixie

If you thought cutting your hair short into a pixie cut was dramatic, try dying it all gray.

4. Short Curly Pixie

Pixies with bleached white hair are the epitome of summertime cuteness. Just give it a light wave, and you're done!

5. Bowl Cut Pixie

The buzzed sides and long top of a blonde pixie cut are the epitome of cool.

6. Iced Short Pixie

When a blonde is placed on ice, her short pixie cut takes on an even more attractive appearance.

7. Fine Hair Pixie

Pixie cuts are great for fine hair because they provide the illusion of thickness.

8. Short Shaved Pixie Cut

The pixie fade you get at the salon will put your likeness under the definition of "edge" in the dictionary.

9. Short Pixie with Long Bangs

The flawless pixie is fashionable, with fullness at the top and a tapering back.

10. Short Clippered Pixie

A little length in front of the ears and side-swept bangs soften an otherwise aggressive pixie cut.

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