10 Shih Tzu Secrets: Graceful and Loving Companions

Ancient Chinese Royalty

Shih Tzus were previously considered Chinese royalty. These gorgeous dogs were sent to foreign dignitaries by the Chinese emperors.

Lion-Like Appearance

Shih Tzus have the appearance of lions. Their enticing mane mimics that of a lion.

Tail-Carrying Traditions

In traditional Chinese culture, carrying a Shih Tzu in robe sleeves provided good luck and prosperity. It dates back centuries.

A Multilingual Name

In Mandarin Chinese, "Shih Tzu" means "Lion Dog," while in Tibetan, they are known as "Apo Saso," which means "bearded lion."

Non-Shedding Coats

The two coats of Shih Tzus help to decrease shedding. They are preferred by allergy sufferers.

Temperament Extraordinaire

Shih Tzus are friendly and gentle dogs. They are cheerful, playful, and enjoy human company.

Living Art

Ancient Chinese Shih Tzus, such as Fu Dogs, were raised to look like Chinese art and to protect temples.

Therapeutic Companions

Shih Tzus are excellent therapy dogs due to their calm disposition. They comfort the bereaved.

Hypoallergenic Pups

Shih Tzus are almost completely hypoallergenic. Low-shedding coats help to reduce dander.

The Butterfly Kiss

Shih Tzus are well-known for their exquisite "butterfly kisses." They blink affectionately against their owner's cheek.

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