Shake Shack Debuting 3 Spicy New Items

Hot Chicken

In 2017, Shake Shack's Hot Chicken returned in 2018 and 2020 before returning again this fall. "We had tons of requests for it," the new version is mostly the same with some small changes.

The basic Chick'n Shack sandwich's deep-fried, buttermilk-marinated breast meat is liberally seasoned with chili pepper.

While not face-meltingly hot, this $8.39 crispy chicken sandwich will burn your mouth.

Spicy Shackmeister Burger

Though fans enjoy the Hot Chicken, Shake Shack is a burger joint. A souped-up beef patty must be on any new special menu.

The new Spicy Shackmeister Burger starts with the chain's smash burger, cheese, the house's spicy pepper blend, fried onions, and a huge scoop of chopped pickled cherry peppers.

The crunchy onions initially offset the pickled peppers' acidic heat, but the spiciness comes through as you chew. The spicy burger costs $7.99.

Spicy Fries With Ranch Sauce

Shake Shack Launching 3 Spicy ItemsThe best fast-food fries are Shake Shack's Yukon Gold potato crinkle cuts. The design is ideal for retaining sauces or other toppings

The new Spicy Fries spray the crispy fries with the chain's hot pepper flavor to take use of this design feature. The Shack's new ranch-style dipping sauce is served with the entrée.

"There's a nice sort of citrus tang to it," adds of the sauce, which combines buttermilk, sour cream, and mayo with vinegar. The spicy fries cost $4.09.

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