Our top 10 comfort meals

Chicken noodle soup

When I had a cold as a kid, chicken noodle soup was my go-to supper. "Chicken Soup for the Soul" is an inspirational book series based on comfort.

Chicken tenders

As you grow up, you start with dinosaur or other fun-shaped chicken nuggets, then conventional ones, then chicken tenders, wings, then fried chicken.


Chili's versatility makes it great. It can be mild or spicy; cooked with beef, pork, turkey, or meatless; made with any bean; and topped with cheese and/or sour cream.

Chocolate chip cookies

Imagine your favorite baked treat. Chocolate chip cookies are the only choice. Chocolate chip cookies are traditional. Most youngsters attempt and learn to make it.

Cinnamon buns

The covers are folded and wrapped about him like a cinnamon bun, and cinnamon buns are comforting and indulgent.


Native Americans ate cornbread before it became a Southern staple. Cornmeal-based comfort foods go beyond cornbread.


Fries are unhealthy. Potatoes are healthy, but deep-frying, salting, and dipping them in fatty, sweet, or salty sauces is not.

Greasy burgers

Not all cheeseburgers are unhealthy. Without consuming all your calories, you can add cheese to a 90/10 burger and place it in a bun.

Grilled cheese & tomato soup

We like grilled cheese and tomato soup on cold days. A melty sandwich dipped into a creamy bowl of hot pureed tomatoes is like putting on a love sweater.

Ice cream

After getting dumped, TV and movie characters usually eat ice cream to console themselves. Ice cream is sweet, satisfying, and uplifting, especially when you're depressed.

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