Old-School Cooking Hacks That ALWAYS Work

Keep butter in a butter dish

These old-fashioned dishes keep butter spreadable. Butter glides nicely onto bread and other baked items at room temperature.

Transfer sugar into airtight containers

Tired of hardened sugar? Grandma's airtight container prevents this. Air-dried brown sugar clumps. White sugar reacts similarly to excess moisture.

Bake with room-temperature eggs

Room-temperature eggs combine better into batter and produce lighter, more uniform bakes, just like warm butter.

Sift air into cakes

Did your grandmother ever make you sift or fold baking mix? These steps are necessary for air-filled cakes.

Cook bruised apples in pies

Grandmas are masters at preventing food waste, yet we all toss out fruit occasionally. Bake it. Old apples live again in a golden pie or fluffy muffins.

Line cake tins to prevent sticking

It wasn't pointless. First, it keeps the cake from clinging to the tin. Lining the tin stops the cake from being too dark.

Let cheesecake cool in the oven

How did grandma's cheesecake always appear so smooth and perfect? She probably baked it in a bain marie and let it cool slowly in the oven.

Melt chocolate over a pan of water

Our grandmothers taught us patience when melting chocolate. Heat chocolate slowly over hot water, stirring as you go, and turn off the hob early since it will continue to melt.

Roll lemons before squeezing

Rolling the citrus fruit on a hard surface breaks disintegrate its cells, letting you squeeze more juice when you cut it.

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