Most Effective Ingredients For Every Skin Type

Acne-prone and oily skin: Salicylic acid

"Salicylic acid dissolves clogs and kills acne bacteria inside the pores." The acid is antimicrobial and includes anti-inflammatory properties similar to aspirin."

Oily skin: Beta hydroxy acid (BHA)

This acid is milder and can be found in products ranging from facial cleansers to moisturizers.

Dry, sensitive skin: Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA)

If acne isn't an issue, but oiliness is, use beta hydroxy acid instead of salicylic acid. It as a "beauty weapon" that treats acne while also lowering oil production.

Dry skin: Honey

If you have sensitive skin, always try new products thoroughly. What works for one sensitive soul may not work for the next. Alpha hydroxy acids are a good bet.

Combination skin: Hyaluronic acid

Though AHAs can be used on dry but not necessarily sensitive skin, Schaffer advises this pantry staple. The composition of honey is considered a humectant, which attracts and retains moisture.

Hyperpigmentation: Hydroquinone

This substance can combat both oiliness and dryness, which sounds like genuine skin magic.

Blotchy skin: Tea tree oil

"Hydroquinone reduces the volume of melanocytes that produce too much melanin, which causes hyperpigmentation."

Aging skin: Retinol

While we appreciate our individual attractiveness at any age, many of us would prefer to minimize lines and wrinkles.

And there are many products that purport to accomplish precisely that, but the majority are, at best, scientifically dubious.

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