KFC Adds Hot & Spicy Wings To The Menu

Kentucky Fried Chicken aims to impress football fans with its new Hot & Spicy Wings this fall. Not your typical wings, these have the signature touch of the colonel's crack team.

Every bite has heat and crunch from marinating in a spicy sauce and breading twice in the company's famous Extra Crispy breading. These wings are new to American sports fans but popular abroad.

The chicken nibbles are mildly spicy, but for a stronger taste, bring your own hot sauce to the watch party.

KFC is providing a limited-time discount to taste the Hot & Spicy Wings. Starting September 10, KFC will sell eight wings for $4.99, per its press release.

If the new Hot & Spicy Wings don't hook football fans, KFC has another offer to make it game night's go-to snack. Thursday nights will now feature football and complimentary KFC delivery.

Starting September 7, 2023, participating locations' KFC.com and app orders will qualify for this promotion.

KFC began working with former NFL player and current University of Colorado Boulder head coach and his family earlier this year.

KFC will release special sports content on Amazon Prime Video and Twitch to show its love of football.

This new video series will star Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and sportscaster Taylor Rooks on September 14, 2023.

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