5 Worst Post-Workout Habits

#1: You stay in your gym clothes

Even if you didn't sweat much, old or wet clothing might harbor bacteria and give you a profound chill.To keep your muscles warm, change your clothing, socks, and shoes soon away.

#2: You become a couch potato

After two hours at the gym, binge-watching Netflix seems like a reward. Avoid this. Light activity boosts blood flow, mending and recharging your body.

#3: You don’t refuel right

After exercises, drink and eat within 20–30 minutes.If you need to grab and go after a workout, prepare a cooler with nutritious food.

#4: You do heavy chores

You might mow, weed, shovel, or conduct other hard activities. However, this can be difficult on exhausted muscles, especially if you're partially dehydrated or undernourished.

#5: You shortchange easy day recovery

Whatever your workout, appreciate your body as professional athletes do. If you recover well, you'll receive the benefits of your workout.