How To Order A Beer At The Bar Like A Pro

A few methods can make ordering a beer at a pub easy. Here are some tips for ordering a drink at a pub, whether you're a beer connoisseur or trying to impress your buddies.

Know your favorite beer before going to the pub. Dark or light beers? Hoppy or malty? Knowing your tastes will help you choose a beer you'll like.

Avoid ordering "a beer" or "whatever's on tap." Instead, specify a beer or style. This helps the bartender select a beer you'll like.

If you want to test a new beer or need clarity, ask for a sip. Most bartenders will let you sample a beer before ordering a full glass.

Ale or lager, all beer styles have their distinct flavors and qualities.Ales are top-fermented at higher temperatures than lagers.

Ales have more complex flavors because their yeast ferments faster and at higher temperatures. Ales can be pale gold to dark brown and 3% to over 10% ABV.

Pale Ale is light-colored, hops, and somewhat alcoholic. IPA, its relative, is a bitter, high-alcohol beer. It smells flowery, lemony, or piney.

Double and triple IPAs are IPAs with more hops and malt and higher ABVs. Unfiltered wheat grain makes wheat beer hazy and light-colored.

Brown Ale is a malty brown beer with a nutty or caramel taste. Brown ales are full-bodied and somewhat alcoholic.

Dark, rich stout with a coffee-like taste. Its rich, creamy head comes from roasted barley. The most famous stout beer is Guinness.