Creative Uses for Leftover Pasta Sauce

If you have leftover pasta sauce, here are a few innovative ways to use it.

1. Pizza Sauce

Use the pasta sauce as a basis for handmade pizzas. Spread it on pizza dough, top with your favorite toppings, and bake for a great handmade pizza.

2. Stuffed Peppers

Stuff bell peppers with a mixture of cooked rice, ground beef, and pasta sauce. Bake until the peppers are soft for a tasty and full supper.

3. Baked Eggs

For a quick and excellent breakfast, crack eggs into individual ramekins or a baking dish. Top with pasta sauce, cheese, and herbs, and bake until the eggs are done to your taste.

4. Sloppy Joes

Turn your leftover sauce into a flavorful stuffing for Sloppy Joes. Brown the ground meat, then add the pasta sauce and cook until thickened. Serve on hamburger buns for a tasty and easy dinner.

5. Italian Casserole

In a baking dish, layer cooked pasta, vegetables, cheese, and pasta sauce. Bake till bubbling and golden for a hearty Italian-style dish.

It is dependent on the base. Tomato-based spaghetti sauce lasts 5-7 days, while cream-based sauce lasts 3-4. Refrigerate sauce containers that have been sealed. 

 Examine the area for mold, scents, and color changes. These guidelines ensure that the spaghetti sauce is safe and delicious.

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