Gordon Ramsay's First-Ever Frozen Food Line Is Dropping At Walmart

Gordon Ramsay is still one of the most well-known celebrity chefs, and he has dabbled in a wide range of cooking activities since his debut.

 The chef has a lengthy and famous career that includes everything from starring in iconic cooking series like "Hell's Kitchen" to building a chain of restaurants and accumulating Michelin stars left and right.

You'd think Chef Ramsay has done it everything by now, but one area he has yet to explore is the realm of pre-packaged foods.

The new frozen meal line is dubbed "By Chef Ramsay" and will be sold only at Walmart. Each dish is one of Ramsay's self-proclaimed favorite comfort foods, and each recipe was developed by Ramsay himself.

According to the chef, each dish in the collection is intended to "represent a special part of [his] personal culinary journey." The menu includes everything from British classics to American comfort meals.

The "By Chef Ramsay" collection will include eight different entrée options, each of which will be ready to eat in a couple of minutes.

Customers can begin by ordering a few British staples, such as shepherd's pie or a basket of fish and chips.

Other comfort foods on the menu include a four-cheese lasagna and a macaroni bake. (Cheese fans will enjoy the meals' use of mozzarella, ricotta, provolone, and fontina.)

Following that are mushroom risotto and chicken pot pie. Customers can also order sophisticated delicacies like lemon caper chicken and slow-roasted beef with potatoes.

If these foods appeal to you, the By Chef Ramsay dinners are now available in Walmart's freezer section.According to Gordon Ramsay, "I hope they inspire the home chef in everyone."

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