Fast, Family-Friendly Vegetarian Dishes

Veggie Burritos, Tacos, And Enchiladas

Roasting vegetables in a tortilla makes them taste better. Beth Budget Bytes makes zucchini, bell peppers, onions, and black bean-filled roasted veggie burritos.

Creative Noodles

Whether you serve them alone or with stir-fried vegetables, vegetarian sesame noodles are a great midweek vegetarian supper alternative.

DIY Pizza

It's easy to get a vegetarian pizza from the neighborhood pizza place. But prepare the pizza yourself, and you can ensure your family gets a healthy dosage of vegetables while having fun.


Ever made falafel? It's easy and a tasty change from weeknight dinners. Serious Eats recommends dried chickpeas for falafel. Don't worry. Just soak dried chickpeas overnight.


Too many pasta kinds, not enough time! Cheese tortellini offers convenience and variety. Dinner may be ready in 10 minutes if you have a bag of frozen or fresh spaghetti.

Chili and stew

Chilis and stews are delicious without meat. Take Real Simple's bean, spice, and sweet potato vegetarian stew. Slow-cooking simplifies it.

Mac and cheese

Who could refuse mac and cheese for dinner? Mac & cheese is a quick and easy vegetarian dish that the whole family will love.

Soup and sandwiches

Soup and sandwich night isn't dull. You may make grilled cheese sandwiches with your favorite tomato soup or get creative with homemade soup and sandwich alternatives.

Loaded baked potatoes

I microwaved a giant russet or yukon gold potato, split it open, mashed the insides, and topped it with steamed broccoli and whatever shredded cheese was on sale that week.

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