Fanta's Newest Mystery Flavor Turns Tongue Black

Due to its brightly colored sodas, Fanta is one of the most aesthetically appealing drink brands. The latest Fanta drink may be its most eye-catching.

Fanta is releasing a dark drink in honor of Halloween, a break from the brand's ultra-bright beverages. Fanta is keeping most of the new drink's details a secret, except that it has no sugar.

The drink's flavor will also be kept secret so enthusiasts can guess. Fanta warns that drinking the frightening drink will leave your tongue black.

The new flavor is part of Coca-Cola's summer 2022 "What the Fanta?" marketing.

Customers reported the inaugural What the Fanta? flavor tasted like an orange creamsicle or cream soda and was vivid blue.

What the Fanta?'s Halloween drink is just one part of the promotion. Fanta and artist and content developer Nava Rose created a unique Halloween outfit inspired by the Halloween soda.

Customers can enter a clandestine, interactive What the Fanta? experience on the Fanta website by scanning the drink's packaging QR code.

The US will sell the drink in 20-ounce bottles, 7.5-ounce micro cans, Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, and frozen formulations. Fans can locate where to get Fanta online.

The new mystery soda comes a few months after Coca-Cola upgraded Fanta Orange. The business made the drink "bolder and fruitier-tasting."

It also revamped Fanta Orange packaging with a new logo and label wording about increased taste.

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