Every Summer Barbecue Needs This Wine

At an outdoor BBQ, a guest should always bring something to share. Some people want drinks and water, while others want booze and snacks. A person who likes wine needs a nice bottle.

Still, it can be hard to find a wine that goes well with hot dogs, sandwiches, sweets, fruits, and tasty sides. Vanessa Price, who is a sommelier, an author, and the owner of Mavericks Montauk, gave their professional view.

Price knows to bring a lovely rosé wine to that party outside. Price likes big rosé.

The chef says that your summer rosé should be big enough to serve everyone at your party and be a "showstopper" when you walk in.

Where should you buy this big bottle of pink wine? The word to look for is "Magnum," which means the bottle is twice as big as a regular one and can hold about 10 glasses of wine.

For bigger groups, "Jeroboam" (3 liters) and "Nebuchadnezzar" (15 liters) are offered.

Consider a Louis Bouillot or Chandon sparkling magnum from Miraval or Gérard Bertrand if you want a brut rosé.

Make sure it's as cold as ice when you get there. People will want to open that big bottle, so you should put it in the fridge before you get there. With this method, your pink wine will be the hit of the garden barbecue.