Costco Shoppers Shocked By The Price Of New Lunch Item

Costco buyers love new goods, but the newest packed lunch item is getting mixed reviews for one main reason: the price.

Other Costco buyers who commented on the page were upset about the wraps' price. Each package includes two half-wraps and a cup of dipping sauce.

One consumer commented on article, "Might as well get carry out at that price…"

"I was going to buy that yesterday but it was too expensive," stated another.

"Premade things seems great, but the price terrifies me. It doesn't appear as expensive as other Costco items "Redditor remarked on the wraps this week.

"I just tried these and they are delicious," said one commenter.

This year, Costco's prices have upset consumers in other ways. A Costco shopper saw a new food court roast beef sandwich at a Lynnwood warehouse in February.

"$10 for a single-serve, individual item doesn't seem to fit in well with the rest of their lineup," a Reddit shopper said of the food court item.

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