Costco Re-introduce Its Most Popular Fall Dessert

Fall temperatures will decrease, Halloween products will fill stores, and autumn-themed food and drinks will be everywhere.

Costco has debuted their pumpkin pie, an autumn classic, three weeks before summer ends.

The Costco fan account manager announced on Instagram and TikTok on Aug. 30 that the famous seasonal pie is returning in stores.

The social media user said the dessert weights nearly three-and-a-half pounds and costs $5.99, the same as last year. Adds, "This is known to be one of the best pumpkin pies."

Last November, a Redditor filmed a huge queue of hungry eaters for the dessert before Thanksgiving.

Social media commentators were excited about the top-selling pie's comeback. "Went straight to Costco to buy one," Instagram user commented. "Love it and so cheap for how huge it is," TikTok user said.

Since product availability varies by region, several consumers stated that their warehouse doesn't sell pumpkin pie currently. Another social media user noted that certain California stores offer the item for $7.99.

The Costco bakery has reintroduced more than just pumpkin pie. A Reddit user highlighted the retailer's cherry danishes' comeback last week. Flaky pastry dough with cherry filling and frosting.

Costco's bakery introduced green chili cornbread this month. The $6.99 cornbread has green chilis, which Instagram user @costcobuys claimed adds a "slightly spicy kick."

Besides pumpkin pie, Costco's bakery featured additional pumpkin-flavored delights. These include pumpkin cheesecake and streusel muffins.

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