Costco Launches Caramel Apple Mini Cakes in Fall

In preparation for autumn, Costco has released its popular pumpkin streusel muffins and pies, which are already selling out.

Fall fans are buzzing again as the big box store introduced caramel apple mini cakes. As of September 2023, Costco bakery sells a package of six big frosted mini cakes with cinnamon and caramel flavors for $9.

An Instagram post by a Costco fan describes the cake as delicious and not overly sugary, with a creamy condensed milk frosting.

The small cakes are topped with cooked apples and caramel sauce for a cozy autumn treat that can be eaten right out of the box or reheated in the microwave.

Many people are asking online whether the caramel apple mini cakes are worth trying even though they've just been on shops for a short time.

Early reviews have been mostly good, while some are mixed. Redditor said the small cakes were "Not bad, but not what I was expecting."

Another Reddit user said the small cakes had a "corn muffin" feel and wished they were softer.

The same individual said the dish was nonetheless tasty because to its melt-in-your-mouth icing and toasty cinnamon taste. If you like heavier sweets, this autumn delight may satisfy your sweet taste.

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