Costco Is Making Major Change To Some Food Courts

Multiple Costco food courts reported a huge change, but it's not an exciting new menu item. The business changed food court seating at several warehouses, which is frustrating consumers.

A Costco consumer reported on Reddit this week that their South Korea warehouse's food court tables were replaced with "standing-only monstrosities."

"With this horrible layout, no children or anybody under 4 feet tall may utilize the tables. It was difficult to balance my daughter on my lap while propped one leg on the crossbar as she ate her ice cream.

Some families sat on the floor near the rear wall, but a manager shooed them away "shopper stated in post.

 Several Costco buyers remarked that their Montana and Osaka warehouses had just introduced standing tables. They say Costco didn't totally replace its classic tables with new ones.

Redditors said Costco removed food court chairs at the South Korea warehouse to prevent customers from overstaying.

The adjustment frustrated consumers since standing tables aren't comfortable for youngsters, the elderly, and persons with injuries or impairments that need them to sit.

Costco did not immediately reply to our requests for comment and information on whether standing tables would be added to other warehouses.

Costco consumers haven't liked other changes to a crucial feature this year. Shopping in a warehouse in March revealed a new self-service free sample kiosk.

Many opposed self-service because they thought other customers would take all the samples before they could get one.

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