Costco Has Just Issued A Recall For A Popular Soup

Companies recall products for a variety of reasons, including unspecified allergies. Examine your pantry if you recently purchased Costco ready-to-heat soup but don't consume gluten.

Kirkland Signature's Chicken Tortilla Soup, branded "gluten free," was recalled by Kettle Cuisine on September 9 owing to gluten contamination. Gluten-allergic persons may suffer as a result of this.

The products were only available at Costcos in the Northwest and San Francisco Bay Areas. According to the company's recall notice, the soup cup has the lot number 1394066 and a "Use By" date of November 23, 2023.

Kettle Cuisine advises gluten-free clients to avoid it. Return the soup to Costco for a full refund or discard it. For recall inquiries, contact Kettle Cuisine at (617) 409-1290.

Costco has removed several food goods from its warehouses in recent months, in addition to Chicken Tortilla Soup.

In June, Wawona Frozen Foods and Willamette Valley Fruit Company voluntarily recalled frozen fruit goods marketed by Costco due to Hepatitis A contamination.

Aside from Costco, several food merchants have also discontinued products. Trader Joe's has recalled six products in the last two months.

Texas Tamale Company's Black Bean Tamales were recalled two weeks ago because they may include Hatch Green Chile and Cheese Tamales, which contain milk, a serious allergy.

Before recalling the tamales, Trader Joe's withdrew its Multigrain Crackers with Sunflower and Flax Seeds.

Trader Joe's recalled its Fully Cooked Falafel, Almond Windmill Cookies, and Dark Chocolate Chunk and Almond Cookies a few weeks ago due to rock contamination.

Due to insect contamination, the retail shop recalled its Unexpected Broccoli Cheddar Soup a day earlier.

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