Cool Space Bun Hairstyles For A Chic Look

1. Twisted Space Buns

To achieve an edgy, tidy aesthetic, wrap a few lengths of twisted hair around the space buns.

2. Space Buns With Face-Framing Layers

This hairstyle with face-framing layers is a modern take on space buns! It is an excellent haircut for people with long faces.

3. Sleek Space Buns

This sleek, center-parted hairstyle with hair wrapped around the base of the space buns is proof. To get smooth, glossy hair, finish your haircut with a shine spray.

4. Funky Space Buns With Long Hair

Make little, elevated space buns at the crown of your head and let your lengthy hair hang free. It is simple to make and looks great on long hair.

5. Mini Space Buns With Fuzzy Hair Ties

The message is clear: little space buns are here to stay! To achieve the street-style look, secure space buns with fuzzy hair ties.

6. Dual-Toned Space Buns

This two-toned haircut, with bold colors like green and red, exudes cool and eccentricity. We adore her long wavy locks with center-parted space buns!

7. Rainbow Space Buns

By styling your rainbow-colored hair into space buns, you can cast a spell on everyone. They look amazingly cool and add a fun element to your outfit.

8. Space Buns With Micro Bangs

This haircut is ideal for quickly transitioning from the office to dinner. Furthermore, the combination of space buns and micro bangs will undoubtedly score you huge style points.

9. Coral Space Buns

The combination of tart orange and lovely pink tones appears unreal and reminds me of candy floss! The space buns offer a feminine touch to the whole design.

10. Mermaid Space Buns

This multi-dimensional hairstyle is a work of art! The delicate waves call attention to the plethora of aqua-sapphire tones, and the space buns give it a decidedly edgy vibe.

11. Princess Leia Space Buns

This is a wonderfully antique hairdo that features swirls and coiled space buns. It has a romantic and elegant look that is appropriate for formal settings.

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