Church's Chicken Brings Back A Cult-Favorite Item Called Godly

Church's always has Texas Pete spicy sauce on hand to go with its fried chicken, chicken tenders, and chicken sandwiches,

but now chicken fans may select between the hot sauce and its Purple Pepper Sauce, which is "godly," according to one Redditor.

The sauce is Church's unique blend of habanero chiles, bell peppers, and what the brand refers it as "sticky-sweet goodness."

When Redditors were discussing how much they missed the sauce four years ago, one of them described it as "a purple pepper jelly that was slightly sweet and had a small heat to it," and then added, "Man it was great."

"Church's is good, but with that pepper sauce it's godly," another chicken enthusiast said.

"This thing was incredible. There's nothing else like it. "Nothing compares to sweet chili, mango habanero," someone else added.

Church's Chicken hasn't made an official announcement yet, but its social media followers have heard that this delicious sauce is back on the menu.

One admirer commented on the company's most recent Instagram picture on one of its signature chicken sandwiches, asking, "Can I just buy the Purple Pepper sauce in bulk??"

If the Purple Pepper Sauce is as excellent as fans claim, Church's should follow Chick-fil-A's lead and sell it at grocery stores.

For the time being, we can only hope that the renowned dipping sauce will be around for good.

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