Aldi's Beloved Fall-Flavored Pretzels Are Finally Back

Autumn-flavored lattes, doughnuts, and snacks are welcomed by pumpkin spice aficionados when the temperature cools and fall-flavored goodies reach grocery store shelves.

Aldi is releasing two yogurt-covered pretzel varieties to commemorate the season.

The Clancy's pumpkin spice yogurt-covered pretzels have a moderate pumpkin taste with vanilla and cinnamon. If pumpkin spice isn't your thing but you want cider mill tastes, try apple cinnamon.

The yogurt-covered pretzels are a perennial favorite. The Aldi finds area sells limited products that won't be accessible year-round.

One TikTok user called the pretzels "to die for" despite believing most pumpkin spice-flavored items are overhyped.

Instagram user wrote about this year's Aldi discovery, and comments praised the flavors again. One user said they buy pumpkin spice pretzel packages every year when they rerelease.

Aldi has lately introduced fall-flavored pretzels. The snacks are part of the store's "Fall Flavor Fest '23," which features seasonal tastes.

The supermarket shop offers pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin pie spiced butter, and bourbon caramel whipped topping. On cold autumn mornings, the company offers apple cinnamon bread mix and quick oatmeal.

Each 7-ounce bag costs $2.99, although prices vary by region. You should buy a package of yogurt-covered pretzels soon to try them.

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