9 Ice Cream Brands With Lowest Quality Ingredients

Blue Ribbon Classics' "frozen dairy dessert" isn't ice cream, and the ingredient list raises red flags. "Homemade Vanilla" contains artificial flavors and questionable thickeners such cellulose gel, gum, and guar gum.

Blue Ribbon Classics

Nick's Swedish-style light ice cream may attract calorie-watchers. Some varieties of these colorful pints provide 11 grams of protein and 200–400 calories.


Rebel's full-fat, keto-friendly ice creams share Nick's ingredient concerns. Rebel pints advertise their no-added-sugar ice cream, yet they add additional erythritol.


Low-quality ice cream brands are following a pattern. Guar gum plagues Kemps' standard and premium ice creams. High fructose corn syrup in Kemps' normal ice cream can cause weight gain, insulin resistance, and high blood pressure.


Halo Top, a renowned ice cream brand, claims to be healthier due to its decreased sugar and fat content. The ingredient listings make Halo Top less appealing. Many contain erythritol, cellulose gel, and gum.

Halo Top

Most Blue Bunny "ice cream" varieties' packaging doesn't mention ice cream. Instead, look for "frozen dairy dessert." Why? as many of their items are not ice cream. It also uses artificial tastes.

Blue Bunny

Good Humor's ice cream, famous for arriving on a truck on sweltering summer days, isn't good. Consider the company's Strawberry Shortcake Bar. Guar gum and Red 40 and Red 3 colors are among the many ingredients.

Good Humor

If you believe good ice cream should have fewer ingredients, Friendly's may not be for you. Fat and cholesterol may turn you off the brand if the guar gum, whey protein concentrate, whey, thickening agents, and emulsifiers don't.


These chocolate-dipped ice cream cones use cheap ingredients. The basic vanilla Drumstick flavor has 25+ components, including dairy food solids (not cream or milk), cellulose gel, cellulose gum, and guar gum.

Nestlé Drumstricks