8 Dessert Chains That Use The Highest Quality Ingredients


If you're craving cupcakes and want the best ingredients, visit Sprinkles. The renowned brand has over 50 stores and cupcake ATMs nationwide.

Van Leeuwen

After 15 years as a food truck in New York City, Van Leeuwen is now a beloved ice cream brand with over 50 outlets nationwide.


Jeni's is one of the top ice cream chains because to its delicious flavors, colorful packaging, and high-quality ingredients. Delicious ice cream from the brand—Brambleberry Crisp!

Lady M

Everything on its menu looks fantastic, but the Signature and Green Tea Mille Crêpes are popular sellers.

Ben & Jerry's

The legendary ice cream firm, founded in 1978, makes frozen treats and cookie dough portions using carefully sourced, non-GMO, Fairtrade-certified ingredients.


Since 1995, Levain has made the best cookies. The dessert chain, which has over a dozen locations in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

Beard Papa's

Beard Papa's has over 430 locations globally, so maybe you have one near you. Each puff is prepared with high-quality ingredients like Madagascar vanilla beans, local eggs, and fresh whipped cream.

Salt & Straw

If you want great ice cream, try Salt & Straw. The popular brand, with over 35 locations, makes small-batch homemade ice cream with local ingredients.

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