7 Must-Visit Food Spots In LA

Jeff's Table

This hip deli delivers unique sandwiches and salads with counter-ordering. Though the entire menu is nostalgic and personal, the sandwiches stand out.

Bridgetown Tori

This Caribbean pop-up fills hand-rolled rotis with curry shrimp, channa, sweet potato, and red pepper goat. Izard prefers curry chana doubles.

Guerilla Tacos

Guerilla Tacos, a DTLA favorite, makes LA's most inventive and tasty tacos. Guerrilla Tacos is close to her restaurant, so she's gotten to know them well.


Ospi is one of LA's greatest Italian restaurants. The hand-made pasta and fried provolone have won over regulars at this popular establishment. When visiting Ospi, Izard orders pizza.

Found Oyster

Found Oyster was suggested to me by a bunch of industry people, which really is the perfect industry hang." "Super chill and tasty." Oysters are essential, but the cuisine is worth investigating.


The bar faces the wood-fired fireplace, giving patrons a front-row seat to the power of heat. Bay scallops, bison tartare, and baby albacore are must-order starters.

Standing's Butchery

They offer high-quality cuts of local and pasture-raised meats for responsible and humane eating. High-quality meats and house-made sausages are superb here

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