Costco Just Brought Back Its Most Beloved Bakery Items

Costco customers who enjoy pastries now have a sweeter breakfast option. One of the retailer's most popular pastry items has returned after months of absence.

The Cherry Danish, a flaky pastry with cherry filling and exquisite icing, is a perennial favorite. Customers have noticed a lack of the famous danishes at Costco in recent months.

Members who had been desiring the sweets celebrated when a customer spotted them on shelves and blogged about it on Reddit this week.

I was delighted to discover cherry danish at Costco today. I haven't seen it in years."On Reddit, the customer shared a photo of the renowned bakery item.

Even though Costco debuted numerous popular new bakery items this year, the reintroduction of the Cherry Danishes will excite customers who have missed them.

Some customers prefer Costco's Cherry and Cheese Pastries to the more traditional Cherry Danishes.

Some Costco facilities are the first to receive new or returned bakery items. This means that danishes may vary by shop, therefore customers can contact their local Costco to see if they have any.

According to the @costcobuys Instagram account, it was "delicious" and had a "slightly spicy kick" from the green chilies.

As October approaches, Costco customers may expect the reappearance of several seasonal bread goods.

Costco's Pumpkin Streusel Muffins return every year in early fall or late summer. In the fall, the shop also brings back its Pumpkin Cheesecake and enormous, affordable Pumpkin Pie.

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