12 Junk Foods That Are Actually Not So Bad for You

1. Graham crackers

Graham crackers have less sugar than packaged cookies and are made from whole grain wheat flour, which offers more fiber and vitamins than white flour.

2. Chocolate

Dark chocolate and milk chocolates with at least 50% cacao (less sugar and fat) are good stress-relieving snacks because they're high in magnesium, which is depleted by stress.

3. Cheese

Cheese is rich in calcium, but a recent study reveals that dairy may prevent heart disease. Grass-fed cheeses are rich in vitamin K2.

4. Ice cream

One scoop of full-fat ice cream provides protein and calcium. Avoid low-fat versions, which add sugar and chemicals to replace flavor.

5. Beef jerky

Beef jerky is a high-protein, insulin-free snack. Some versions are heavy in sodium and preservatives, but there are grass-fed, all-natural, and low-sodium options.

6. Popcorn

Homemade and air-popped popcorn can be created with less salt and fat than movie theater popcorn. Popcorn is low in calories and high in fiber.

7. Salted Nuts

Salted nuts provide protein, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and healthful unsaturated fats. Nuts make terrific between-meal snacks because protein keeps you full longer than sugar.

8. Ketchup

Ketchup contains lycopene, vitamins A and C, and little calories. Organic ketchup offers 60% more lycopene than regular.

9. Burritos

Burritos can be healthy with beans, lettuce, meat, whole wheat tortillas, and salsa. Burritos often have over 1,000 calories, so splitting one into two meals is prudent.

10. Pizza

Toppings matter. A thin-crust pizza with tomato sauce, vegetables, and cheese has more vitamins and protein and calcium than pepperoni.

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