10 Types of Butter and What They're Used For

Salted butter

American families consume salted butter. Standard cream butter with salt is just what you'd expect. Most salted butter brands contain 1.7% to 1.8% salt by weight, according to Real Baking with Rose.

Unsalted butter

Salted and unsalted butter go together. Churned cream is unsalted butter. Just read the label to find unsalted butter in the same aisle as salted butter.

Sweet cream butter

Sweet cream butter may imply sugar. This mark signifies the butter is manufactured with pasteurized milk or cream. 

Whipped butter

Whipped butter is essential for French toast and waffle toppings. This butter is prepared by whipping salted or unsalted butter at high speed to incorporate air.

Clarified butter

Ghee and clarified butter are comparable dairy products. Clarification separates butter's butterfat from its liquids. 

Cultured butter

Bacteria-cultured butter is butter.A bacterial culture boosts butter flavor and tanginess without changing its texture.

Goat butter

Butter can be manufactured from other animals. Goat butter uses goat's milk instead of cow milk. Goats don't eat as much beta-carotene as cows.


Indian cuisine relies on ghee. Ghee is darker than clarified butter because it simmers longer.