10 Stunning Headband Hairstyles That Look Trendy & Stylish

1. White Pearl Headband With Open Hair

Pearls are irresistible, especially at an upscale occasion. Jessica Alba looked lovely at a gala with her medium-length hair parted down the middle and pushed back with a pearl headband.

2. Updo With A Thin Headband

Lupita Nyong'o wore a slim bejeweled headband on her updo with a floor-length gown to the Oscars for a chic appearance. She was ethereal, a modern goddess!

3. Boho Updo With A Floral Headband

Everyone loves Keira Knightly. And who doesn't like flowers? A spectacular movie premiere saw Keira wear a stunning red flower crown with her boho haircut.

4. Messy Hair With A Thin Black Headband

Sarah Chalke's messy, voluminous hair with a timeless simple headband at a Hollywood fashion event proves headbands work for every clothing and circumstance.

5. Woven And Jeweled Headband

Salma Hayek donned a big open-weave headband with jewels and a braided faux headband at the crown of her beautiful hair.

6. Sleek Bun With Embellished Headband

A Sasha Luss haircut and natural makeup are all you need to wear this headband on a night out with the girlfriends, a formal occasion, or a hot date.

7. Ponytail With Headband

Simply put your hair in a low ponytail and add a gold headband to remedy your dilemma. Make it stylish like Johanna Klum, who wears a headband with disheveled hair.

8. Full Fringe Bun With Intricate Headband

Keep your bun undone and your jewelry minimal for this elegant festival or girl's night out look.

9. Long Bob With Gold Headband

A long bob, floral dress, and distant sun headpiece make this elegant look edgy and glamorous. Stay basic with Alex Smith-Kirk's advice: avoid cosmetics, bright outfits, and dangly accessories.

10. Long Hair With Floral Headband

Zara Martin chose a thick flowery headband that lay flat on her head. For long hair headband styles, match the item to your outfit or contrast it with your hair.

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