10 Popular Starbucks Drinks' Caffeine Content, Ranked Lowest to Highest

Iced Green Tea is a good option for caffeine-seekers. Tea enthusiasts appreciate this refreshing drink. It's available sweetened or unsweetened to suit your tastes.

Iced Green Tea

Starbucks' Iced Black Tea doesn't have more caffeine than Green Tea. Two iced tea lattes have more caffeine than iced black tea.

Iced Black Tea

Only the chai and matcha crème Frappuccinos have caffeine. These cold, creamy, and tasty drinks carry more caffeine than Iced Black Tea.

Chai Crème Frappuccino

The Matcha Tea Latte is still delicious, of course. Hot or iced, this drink is delicious. Since they both contain caffeine, your choice depends on taste.

Matcha Tea Latte

Frappuccinos have as much caffeine as coffee despite their milkshake texture. A grande coffee version has the same caffeine as a regular brew.

Caramel Frappuccino

Despite Starbucks' broad and sometimes complicated menu, beverage formulas are simple. Drinks are usually measured in pumps, scoops, pours, or shots.

Caffè Latte

The most caffeinated Frappuccino is the Espresso. This espresso-based grande Frappuccino has the same number of Frappuccino roast pumps as the coffee-based ones.

Espresso Frappuccino

Starbucks' iced coffee has more caffeine than its espresso cups. Starbucks' iced coffee is popular for its higher caffeine content and ease of customization.

Iced Coffee

An Iced Cafe Americano has more caffeine than a cold brew or iced coffee, so we recommend it. Its caffeine concentration, at 225 mg, is high.

Iced Caffè Americano

Pike Place drip brew coffee has the most caffeine on the menu, which is unexpected. Black coffee is unmixed.

Pike Place Brewed Coffee