Popular Fast Food Menu Items 

Apple slices

Apple slices are first for obvious reasons. After buying apple slices at the drive-thru, you'll learn they're not as good as they seem.

Soft serve ice cream

Fast food soft-serve ice cream tastes even better. Why is it so low on our list of popular fast food items? We're more concerned about the machine than the ice cream.


We included fast food pizza despite its rarity. Subway and Panera Bread occasionally provide pizza. Our top fast food is not pizza, which everyone knows is best from locally owned pizzerias.

Mozarella sticks

Good mozzarella sticks are fantastic. On hungry days, that thick, gooey cheese dipped in bright, freshly herbed marinara sauce can wake you up. Unfortunately, mozzarella sticks vary by fast food restaurant. 

Chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets are often considered children's food, yet many adults love them. They're good for a sentimental trip down memory lane or an intoxicating blast of flavors, so order a big one at your neighborhood fast food restaurant.


Salads are popular, especially for individuals who want to eat light and affordable. Fast food companies are coming up with creative flavor combinations to suit even salad-lovers.

Baked potato

Baked potatoes are healthier. Order one with a salad, grilled chicken sandwich, or burger—they're not greasy. We prefer loaded fast food baked potatoes. Order simply soft potatoes if you don't like cheese, sour cream, and other heavy toppings.

Onion rings

If you adore crispy onion rings like we do, you'll understand why this one is so high on our list. Onion rings are a fast food treat, so order a couple when you find them.

Hot dog

When fast food restaurants provide hot dogs, they're usually delicious. Hot dogs are easy to make, but some establishments use better meat and toppings.

French fries

We've never met a french fry hater. Hot, salty, crunchy French fries are great. They're also good with a main meal. It's easy to see why French fries are so popular.

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