10 Of The Best Cuisines In The World

Many American favorites come from foreign cuisines. Italian pizza. However, in American kitchens, they have been enhanced and expanded, becoming worldwide cuisine icons.

10. United States

If you could only eat Mexican food for the rest of your life, you should. Food is varied. Never bored.

9. Mexico

Thais love street food. In a Thai cookbook, ingredient lists are usually a page lengthy.

8. Thailand

Greece is like a gorgeous magazine sans Photoshop. Kalamata olives, feta cheese, colorful salads, roast meats, and azure oceans are postcard-perfect.

7. Greece

When spices overpower meat and veggies, you know the cooks are flavor-focused.

6. India

Japanese engineers and chefs are meticulous. This is where despotic sushi masters and ramen bullies make their workers and customers fear with a stare.

5. Japan

Viva Spain, whose hedonistic culinary culture we all secretly want. Bar-hopping, tapas-eating, 9 p.m. dinners, and porron challenges are all part of a gastronomic culture.

4. Spain

If you don't want to eat because "there's more to life than food," visit Paris. Though known for its grumpy residents, they all value delicious meals. Three-course, two-hour lunches are standard.

3. France

One of the boldest eaters in the world is Chinese. The Chinese make everything taste good.

2. China

Italian food has charmed palates worldwide for ages with its spicy tomato sauces, creative wheat flour manipulations, and cream-based sweets.

1. Italy