10 non-drinking applications for coffee

Garden fertilizer

Add coffee grounds to houseplant or garden soil to utilize them. Grounds include nitrogen, calcium, potassium, zinc, and other nutrients. 

Skin exfoliant

Coffee's coarse texture and water-resistance make it a superb skin exfoliator. Antioxidants make your skin sparkle! Coffee with brown or white sugar and lemon juice works best.

Insect repellent

Mosquitoes hate coffee but love blood! Thus, it repels summer pests perfectly. Coffee smells powerful like bug-repelling candles.

Meat tenderizer

As a liquid or ground, coffee tenderizes meat. Keep your morning coffee. Marinate it with the meat in the fridge for two hours.

Natural dye

When done intentionally, coffee is one of the easiest materials to dye fabric for all your creative projects. Stir heated coffee into wet fabric in a dish.

Add to gravy

Coffee can be added to your favorite holiday sauce. For a variation on gravy, add brewed coffee!

In chocolate baked goods

Mochas have a following. Chocolate and espresso are delicious. That taste isn't limited to cafes. Add a little coffee to your next dessert.

Get rid of odors

Coffee's powerful smell can eliminate undesirable aromas in your home and yard. Coffee grounds in mesh bags can absorb odors in closets, shoes, and mudrooms.


Coffee grounds are great for homemade candles. Light and let your home smell like the local cafe!

Ice cream

Coffee ice cream is enjoyable to make. To impart espresso flavor to milk and other liquids, soak coffee beans!

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