10 Best Costco Purchases Right Now

1. Girl Scout Thin Mint Pretzels

It's one of Costco's finest buys. I always look forward to Girl Scout cookie season, but this Thin Mint pretzel combo may be the greatest. 

2. Key Lime Pie

This 4.25-pound Costco monster is yours! It's not as fluffy as your grandmother's Key lime pie, but it's still great. It boasts a delicious graham cracker crust and costs $15.99. Do not put off purchasing the summer pie.

3. Smores Cookies

These new Costco campfire-flavored cookies are just one of many reasons to shop at Costco's bakery. Fans of Costco's new cookie with chocolate and toasted marshmallow bits adore it.

4. Reese’s Dipped Animal Crackers

Key lime pie from Costco isn't the only returning favorite. These treats are both adorable and delicious! The price of a 24-ounce bag is $7.79. 

5. Sprouted Grain Bread Chicken Sandwich

These sandwiches are a quick and filling lunch option. For $13, you get two sandwich halves stuffed with a hefty chicken breast, cheddar and provolone cheeses, lettuce, tomato, and Dijon mayonnaise.

6. Coleslaw Kit with Dressing

Costco has a plethora of food alternatives, such as the new coleslaw package with dressing. Walnuts, craisins, slaw mix, and dressing are included in this $11 kit.

7. Vegetable-Chicken Kabobs

 If you're in the mood for chicken and vegetables, Costco's $8 chicken kabobs with vegetables are ideal. The boneless, skinless thighs are topped with Cuban seasoning, red and green bell peppers, and yellow onions.

8. Mango smoothies

For summer refreshment, the food court has a new mango smoothie. With four fruit servings and no sugar, the mango smoothie replaces the berry smoothie.

9. Strawberry-Cream Cake

For strawberry season, the bakery produces a new strawberry-cream cake. The white cake with strawberry filling costs $17.99.

10. Homemade Coconut Rice

Do you require a seasonal side dish? Try this coconut rice with spices. The rice is ideal for cooking in the microwave with your favorite dishes.

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