10 Low-Calorie Frozen Desserts For Weight Loss


Goodpop popsicles have the fewest calories at 25 per pop. Like our childhood fruity popsicles, these are lower in sugar and better for your waistline.


Each bar has 80–100 calories, helping you lose weight without overeating. There's fruit, rich chocolate, coffee, and even a birthday cake for everyone!


Not many ice cream cones make this list, but these sundae cones do. These frozen delights are delicious for 140–150 calories. These cones have velvety ice cream, crunchy toppings, and a chocolate drizzle.

Halo Top

For creamy pop lovers, these have 100 calories or less. They also contain fiber and 5–6 grams of filling protein.


These frozen bananas are a healthy treat because of their inherent sweetness. These dark or milk chocolate-covered bananas are sweet and creamy.

Outshine No Sugar Added Popsicles

Choose sugar-free sweets to satisfy your sweet appetite while losing weight. Fruit bars with 30 calories and no sugar. Real fruit adds vitamin C to your regular diet.

Wyman's Just Fruit and Greek Yogurt Bites

Again, these frozen dessert cups use whole fruit and Greek yogurt pieces. Fruit pieces and moderately sweetened Greek yogurt make a tasty dessert for around 50 calories.

Trader Joe's Hold the Cone

Mini ice cream cones satisfy your sweet craving without causing a bellyache. A serving of these cones is 3, but for a dessert under 100 calories, eat one.

Mad Minis

Each sandwich has two bites yet is full of taste and texture. Vanilla, mint, black raspberry, and blondie are available.

Sweet Nothings Spoonable Smoothie

Each frozen cup contains fruit, nuts, seeds, and more. Some contain veggies, but all are organic, sugar-free, preservative-free, and artificial flavor-free.

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