10 Everyday Things That Are Dangerous to Forget


One of my brothers, who adored shrimp, kept eating it every few years to determine if he was still allergic to shellfish. He had Jynx-like lips.

Beautiful Animals

Animals are popular. But just because an animal is "cute" doesn't guarantee it won't attack you.

Master Password

Users who forgot their digital vault master password lost millions of dollars, according to one user.

Not Taking Medicine

Medicine is individual. If you take disease-management medicine, missing to take it can be dangerous.

Dirty Dryer Vents

Dirty dryer vents can kill you. Regular dryer vent cleaning. Blocking them fully can cause a home fire.”

Gas Stove

Multitasking while cooking? If so, don't just cook because you have to turn off the stove.

No Carbon Monoxide Detector

Poisoning occurs when CO gas molecules displace oxygen in the body.

Mixing Cleaning Supplies

"Don't just mix whatever cleaning supplies you have, some of it can form a deadly gas and **** you asap."

Good Dental Hygiene

After a long day or night, brushing teeth is hard. However, poor dental hygiene can kill.

Baby in the Backseat

"It's horrifying how many parents forget their kids are in the car after locking and rolling their windows." In Florida, cars heat up...”

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