10 Childhood Foods You Love Now

We feel for this person's mother, who inadvertently put her children through some cruel times with her food.

Breakfast Biscuits

We're pleased others despised spinach as kids too. One convert explained her spinach aversion. "I was only exposed to canned spinach as a kid," she said.


Brussels sprouts were another childhood food many people loathed. However, one veggie-related enlightenment occurred recently. Sautéing and seasoning them makes them tasty.

Brussels Sprouts

We're sorry this guy didn't get fresh fruit as a youngster. Thus, he only knew fruit from cans. "We only had canned fruits growing up,"


Surprisingly, more than one respondent said they didn't like steak as a kid. 


Broccoli was one of the most-mentioned disliked childhood foods.


Were you an onion-hating kid? You're not alone. One man recalled regularly requesting to remove them off his burgers. I adore it now. Only that changed."


Ranch dressing, like many dressings and sauces, is divisive among young and old. However, many individuals liked it when they got older.

Ranch Dressing

Beets are flexible and delicious, so they're used in many of your town's best meals. Naturally, no self-respecting youngster knows this.


We've long wondered why adults don't appreciate green olives as much as black olives. It's no wonder kids dislike them!

Green Olives

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